Employment process!

Every Mobar & Co. employee undergoes training focusing on professionalism, technique and being an intuitive asset to the company



Mobile bartender Requirements:

  • 21 years or older

  • Mixology knowledge

  • Reliable transportation

  • Food Handlers Certificate

  • TIPS Certificate


On top of all that, we at Mobar are looking for enthusiastic individuals that can take every interaction with a guest and ensure it's a memorable and unique experience. Great bartending candidates will be able to provide excellent guest drinking experiences with creativity and technique to surpass guest expectation all while maintaining focused on jobs, quality, safety and alcohol consumption of guests.  

Other requirements include drink recipes, basic knowledge of differences in spirits, beers and mixes and heavy lifting are all part of the gig. 

Secondary language and experience is always a plus.  




Mobile Espresso Bar Barista Requirements:

  • 18 years or older

  • Reliable Transportation

  • Barista Experience

  • Specialty Coffee knowledge

  • Food Handlers Certificate

Baristas are expected to teach guests about coffee. Our menu is set up to easily and effectively educate event guests about what they love to drink! 

That being said, we're looking for baristas who love what they do. Love learning about specialty coffee and can deal with both curious and not so interested clients. But setting up the coffee shop experience is our overall goal as a mobile espresso company. 

Other requirements include learning recipes, methods of brewing coffee, heavy lifting and of course traveling. 

Secondary language and actual coffee shop experience is always a plus.  

event staff


Event Staff Requirements:

  • 18 years or older 

  • Reliable Transportation

  • Food Handlers Certificate

Event Staff can be a food server, cocktail waitress, buster, barback, and many other things.

Things that don't necessarily have to do with food or beverage like decorating, setting up tables and chairs and even decorating for clients. 

What ever the occasion calls for, event staff are expected to have outstanding people skills, action oriented, problem solving and organization skills. Adaptation is at every event. 

Additional requirements for this position are trustworthiness and heavy independence in problem solving and the ability to be decisive. Attention to cleanliness and safety are always in play and of course, being able to follow instructions with little supervision.  

Second language, and experience are always a plus. 


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